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Aug 29, 2018 | IN Business Process Management | BY Wayne Smith
What is Business Process Management?

Business process management is not project management.

Too often, wireless and telecom construction projects rely only on project management. This strategy creates a cycle of poor data collection.

Erroneous data is used to create estimates, build projections, and to make hiring decisions. Business process management supports better decision making by getting to the root of the problem: data collection.

When information is only pulled from a single unified database, requiring NO double entry or data migration, there is virtually zero chance for human error. – Ungerboeck Software International (Click to Tweet)

A Brief History of Project Management

In the not too distant past, wireless construction projects were managed using Excel® spreadsheets. These cumbersome trackers aggregated data using long formulas and complex pivot tables.

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Milestones, dates, times, and any other numbers entered into the spreadsheet became “history” as soon as it entered the spreadsheet. “Real-time data” was unattainable.

This isolated data was wholly unreliable; yet, it was all we had.

Enter Cloud-Based Project Management

Project management software built specifically to manage projects and hosted on the cloud gave us a collaborative tool - a tool that brought data and insights into semi-real time.

Although, a problem still exists…

The same resources that were entering data into the spreadsheet are now merely supplying that information to a new tool.


The analysis capabilities and access has changed, but not the data.

In both the spreadsheet and the project management software, data is based on the memory of the person doing the task. Information is not entered when the job is completed. Instead, it is added at the end of the day, the end of the week, or even the end of project.

It is impossible to create accurate project reporting based on human-generated data.

Large projects across asset classes typically take 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80 percent over budget. – McKinsey & Company (Click to Tweet)

Business Process Management Software Solves the Data Issue

Business process management (BPM) relies on automated data collection to inform analyses and reporting.

Instead of waiting for a human resource to log in and enter completion dates or project hours, business process management software captures the information in real-time, as the work is completed in the field.

Accurate BPM starts by defining the processes necessary to complete the wireless construction project. Then, each process is automated to match the needs of the stakeholders.

For example, a typical process in a wireless construction project is a site walk.

Within business process management software the event is triggered by a predecessor. When triggered, the assigned user is notified. 

From the notification, the user can schedule the site walk and involve any necessary stakeholders. The software captures all dates and times, so we know precisely how long it took to plan the site walk and when to expect its completion.

At the scheduled date and time of the site walk, the mobile instance of the solution checks to see if the user is at the location and then asks if the site walk is complete. Data is captured in real time by the resource completing the job. Both the users’ responses and the electronic data are stored within the solution.

Now, instead of guessing about when the site walk was completed and waiting to trigger the next event, automated, real-time data tracking creates accurate data and keeps the project moving.

Project Management  Business Process Management 
  • Data is binary
  • Difficult to visualize
  • Does not value data entry history
  • Lacks accountability and accuracy
  • Is not real-time
  • Data is active and live
  • Creates accountability and accuracy
  • Data is reliable and informs advanced analytics, predictive analytics, and machine learning 

Instead of relying on user-generated inputs to inform the decisions that are vital to your business, utilize a tool that automatically captures accurate data. Business process management software gives your company the power to confidently plan resource loading, schedule future projects, and create estimates that reflect real-world scenarios. No more guessing about man-hours or adding in “safety-net” hours to accommodate poor data inputs.

Business process management software allows your company to bid more accurately, plan more confidently, and win more profitable business.


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