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Jul 1, 2019 | IN Standardization | BY Wayne Smith
The Easiest Way to Improve Quality and Efficiency

What is the fastest way to improve efficiency, quality, and even profit? Consistency. 

Tasks that follow a pre-determined and vetted process are reliably completed with the least amount of effort, materials, and time. A knowledgeable field technician with access to streamlined process information confidently completes each step in a process without guesswork.

When projects are completed the same way, using the same processes and materials, from site to site, customer to customer, inefficiencies are naturally eliminated, and your workers' job performance improves. Jobs are completed faster and with a higher degree of quality because your workers become more adept at the process. Soon, your business develops a reputation for dependability and quality. 

What happens when your business reputation improves? More business. What happens when your projects are completed in less time, with less waste? Higher profits. 

All wins.

Consistency in business builds momentum and prepares your company for long-term success.

 If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it. – Harvey Mackay

Do Your Processes Breed Consistency?

In the heavily-regulated telecommunications construction industry, requirements, standards, and best practices come together to create a storm of information. Every new job likely comes with a specification that outlines many of the conditions and then references those found in several other documents. 

You cannot expect your field teams to digest all of this before beginning the job, so the most critical and unique requirements are handed-down in the project design. Operating this way gets the job done, but it does not breed consistency. Instead, every job is "brand new," and every field worker has their own take on how a task should be completed.

Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time. - John Maxwell

How to Breed Consistency in Your Organization

What if you could combine all of the data found in your customer specifications, industry regulations, and local requirements into a central location. Then, what if you could dissect all of that data and make relevant aspects available to your field workers at the precise moment the task was being done?

Your organization would quickly begin to realize the benefits of consistency:

  • Your field workers would never guess about which requirements apply to the job
  • Workers of all experience levels would have access to the information needed to complete tasks in alignment with your organization's best practices
  • Your teams would build efficiency as momentum grew
  • Quality, reputation, and profits would all improve

Implementing Active Oversight gives your teams the tools needed to access timely, relevant data where the work is being done. Applicable standards are housed in Active Oversight and are accessible at any time. As your field team walks through the project in Active Oversight, the information that applies to the task is displayed.  Each step of the project is completed using a systematic, task-driven process that drives the highest-quality result while reducing schedule to improve profits and quality.


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