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Aug 1, 2019 | IN User Stories | BY AO Support Team
Managing Multiple Companies Like a Boss
Our development team is continually working to improve our product so that your processes are as efficient and effective as possible. To that end, we spend time on the phone and on the ground with our users to understand what works, how it works, and what doesn’t work.

Active Oversight's release notes are routinely published on the Product Updates channel of our parent-company, Finalize. But we recently made some pretty significant, user-driven changes that we want to share with our AO Blog readers.

Unplanned process improvement is wishful thinking. - Watts Humphrey

Better Filter Behavior = Better Results

Sticky Filter Tags

Our users are adding more projects to AO every day – and we love it! But all of this project data can make it a little tough to find something specific. You could always filter projects by Type, Status, and Project Manager, but those filters did not stick when you moved to another screen.

Imagine you are searching Amazon for black shoes. So you apply a few filters (shoes – black), but every time you click on a result and then click back, your filters are gone. That's what our users were experiencing. 

But not anymore! Now the filters you apply stay-on until you turn them off. And just in case you forget, sticky filter tags are displayed at the top of the list. To remove it, just click on the x, and it's gone.

 Project Time-Frame Filtering

We are excited to report that the data in AO is reaching far beyond the field, influencing and supporting departments all over the organization. In a chat with one of our users, we learned that the Accounting department was using AO to manage invoicing and payments easily. 

AO gives accounts payable and accounts receivable a streamlined look at project status – Complete or Not Complete, so they know who to bill and who to pay. The only hang-up? The team needed a way to filter event types by date so they could look at projects that completed each month.

Now, the Accounting team applies two filters: Event type: Complete and Date: [Current Month] to quickly see who to invoice and who to pay.

Project gif

More Than One Way to Get it Completed

Perhaps the most significant improvement has been our Multi-Assign feature! We spent time in the field, shoulder-to-shoulder with our users. We saw them climbing towers, laying cable, and doing it all guided by AO. 

We learned that a single task sometimes takes the coordinated efforts of multiple workers and that having only one person assigned to a task can lead to inefficiencies.  

To make a long story short, we invited users back to our office, picked their brains, got them hyped up on coffee and donuts and then picked their brains some more until we fully understood how to make this new feature an answer to their process management prayers.

The result? Multiple Task Assignments. Now multiple people can be assigned to a task, and the closest to the task when it is completed can capture the data.

Click here for the full story on our Multiple Task Assignment endeavor.

Focus on being productive instead of busy. - Tim Ferriss

Managing Multiple Companies Like a Boss

Active Oversight users are serious over-achievers. They use AO to manage tasks for their own company, their client's companies, and maybe even their side-hustle. That's why they needed an easy way to jump from one set of data to another while on the go.

Active Oversight's mobile dashboard now gives you the flexibility to move between companies in two taps. Just tap the displayed company name and then tap the name of the company you want to display. It's as easy as that.

Switch Companies

As you can see, our developers are always up for a challenge, especially if it means bringing our users a better experience by streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and just being an all-around better tool.

Do you have an idea for an improvement? Let us know! We love the good company of those who are passionate about process improvement in our industry – whether they are using AO or not!


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