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Oct 11, 2018 | IN Business Process Management | BY Wayne Smith
Construction Managers: Increase Efficiency with Quality Management

Project Manager, Construction Manager, Engineer – these are the titles you look for when building your team but do they accurately describe the way each of these resources spend their day?

Probably not.

Instead, your most valuable assets are spending their days performing data entry and tracking down updates.

Most projects involve vendors and customers – those that you are doing work for and those you hire to help you get the job done. Each of these groups has a toolset to track project completion. Then, there are the tools that your organization uses to manage projects, gather updates, and capture data items. There is no tool for process verification, and it's hurting your company's performance. 

The U.S. will spend approximately $177.5 billion in labor costs on non-optimal activities in 2018. – USGlass (Click to Tweet)

All of these trackers add-up to a data entry nightmare for those entrusted with ensuring the quality of your projects. According to a recent survey, construction professionals spend 5.5 hours a week looking for product data. Your construction manager spends nearly 15% of their week on data management.

With an average salary of $89,300, this equates to nearly $13,000 a year spent on finding and communicating data.

Data is Essential – Data Entry Is Not

Customers, business leaders, even your vendors, are after data.

Data enables leaders to make the decisions that keep projects running on time and under budget.

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The drive for information keeps construction managers and engineers chained to their desks and out of the field.

Instead of walking project sites, interfacing with field technicians and offering the insight of many years of experience, your best assets are sifting through emails to find milestone dates and hounding your crews for missing quality management requirements.


How Happy Is Your Construction Manager?

What was the job description you posted for your last construction manager position?

Did the list of desired skills include data administration, data gathering, and data entry?

Here is a look at a real job posting for a construction manager in the northwest United States:

Eliminate these manual tasks with process verification

Safety and quality are at the top of the list of responsibilities; the ideal candidate also has several years of specialized experience.

Would the construction manager hired to fill this position be happy spending hours each day behind a desk entering dates?

Reliable, Automated Data Tracking with Quality Management Gets Your Best Assets Back in the Field

Quality management eliminates the need for construction managers to track down dates, photos, and checklists. Instead, the data is entered or uploaded by field technicians from the job site and stored in a centralized location.

No more searching through long email threads to find attachments or returning to job sites to take missing photos.

Since your construction manager no longer has to track down missing data, he or she has more time to spend in the field performing quality control, mentoring field technicians, and doing the job they love.

The need for real-time data is growing in every vertical. It provides efficiency and better customer service through access to the right information at the right time. - Occam's Business Research (Click to Tweet)

Job Satisfaction + Reliable Data = Success

When your team is happy and productive, your business grows; customers are happier, jobs are finished faster and with higher levels of quality, and your accounts receivable is consistent.

Implementing quality management gives your teams the freedom and the time to perform at their best – whether that means replacing batteries at a generator site, ensuring the work on a new tower site meets specification and certification requirements, interfacing with your customers to provide project updates, or submitting closeout packages for final billing.

Every member of your team and every aspect of your business can be improved through quality management.

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