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Jan 9, 2019 | IN Process Verification | BY AO Support Team
How to Grow Your Construction Business to the Next Level

What stops company growth from getting to the next level?

Business growth stalls when companies make excuses against improvement.

  • When business is good, there isn’t enough time to work through a change.

  • When business slows, the purse strings tighten and there isn’t enough resources for the change.

Being stuck here prevents companies from reaching the next level.

The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks. – Mark Zuckerberg (Click to Tweet)

Stop Stalling Your Construction Business Growth

Before deciding that improvements cost too much or take too much time, understand what implementation of an improvement looks like for your business.

The most common concern we at Active Oversight hear is that busy companies do not have time to implement new initiatives. Yet, maintaining business-as-usual eliminates all opportunities for growth.

This gets to the heart of the matter – no time to grow means no growth.

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How Much Time Does Growth Take?

The average closeout package takes four-weeks to complete.

During those four weeks, field technicians who have moved on to the next project are tasked with finding missing data, revisiting the jobsite to complete photos and checklists, and answering emails.

All of these tasks take away from the current project and slow payment on the completed project.

Active Oversight is not like implementing other technology – new ERPs and accounting systems can take up to a year to implement and even longer to begin realizing ROI.

The Active Oversight team has streamlined the process so that in as little as two weeks, businesses can begin using Active Oversight, realizing the benefit, and charting ROI.

Companies that implement Active Oversight regain time, eliminate inefficiencies, and streamline data collection, storage, and distribution.

Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity. – Bryant McGill (Click to Tweet)

Ready to Grow Your Construction Business?

Do not fall victim to assumption, previous context, or bad habits. Make business improvement decisions based on facts – reassess your time and resources to ensure that each is aligned for growth.

Active Oversight is here to help your business quickly begin realizing significant ROI, streamline closeout packages, and eliminate waste. Contact us today to learn how to take your business growth to the next level.


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