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Nov 8, 2018 | IN Telecom Construction | BY Wayne Smith
How to Manage Fiber Optic and Wireless Broadband Projects

The increasing demand for network speed means that vendors all along the supply chain must operate at the highest levels of efficiency without compromising quality.

Every wireless network project involves so many stakeholders that driving cohesive communication and requirement flow through every aspect of the project is a considerable challenge.

Without proper management of quality and communication, requirements are missed, quality milestones are overlooked, and the project is ultimately delivered over budget and over schedule. Here's how to manage fiber optic and wireless broadband projects.

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Centralized Communication and Reporting Changes Everything

Creating a single source of truth within a project alleviates communication stresses, ensures that every stakeholder receives the correct requirements, and provides a centralized repository for all reporting.


As a robust process verification solution, Active Oversight brings all disciplines together is a single place. Automated, process-linked notifications alert precisely the right parties as each milestone within the project is completed.

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Efficiently Managing Fiber Optic and Wireless Broadband Projects

When the general contractor marks the site as “Room-Ready,” the fiber team receives a notification that their work to pull in the fiber optics can begin. This seamless hand-off and clarity in communication prevents project stalls while simultaneously creating an audit trail that enables quality checks all along the way.  

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While the site is being built and the fiber is installed, the GC can continue to work towards the cell site completion. The collaboration is performed automatically when certain milestones are achieved by the GC in AO, reducing the need for coordination by the foreman and allowing the foreman to focus on quality. The collaboration between each of the teams is essential to delivering a high-quality fiber optic and wireless broadband project. As demand for connectivity has increased, wireless networks are evolving from an architecture of coverage to an architecture of density.

This change means twice as many cell sites, twice as much fiber, and a shorter distance between cell sites. The development of a comprehensive, repeatable process that ensures quality at every step is essential. 

Within Active Oversight, every stakeholder is aligned as a contributor to one cohesive project; dramatically simplifying vendor coordination without sacrificing quality or communication. To ensure that your business is ready to succeed as demand increases, contact Active Oversight today.


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