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May 13, 2019 | IN Quality Management | BY Wayne Smith
Does Your Training Program Support Quality Management?


One of the easiest ways to improve quality is to start with your workforce. In many telecommunication construction organizations, vital company knowledge is housed in the minds of the company's best workers. Your most valuable employees are the ones that easily work through common projects and have the experience to handle unforeseen project challenges quickly.

But what about the rest of your workforce? Does every resource perform the same tasks in the same way? How do these inconsistencies impact quality management in your organization? How do these inconsistencies influence maintenance and support?

Even if your workforce is full of the best workers, each may be performing tasks differently. These inconsistencies decrease project quality and increase costs.

Varying work procedures make it difficult to accurately build estimates for both time and materials. It also means that support and maintenance technicians may encounter new issues based on how the job was initially installed.

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. – Aristotle

The Old Way Won't Work Anymore

In the past, new employees often started in a training center or watching training videos online. In both scenarios, the employee is taken away from the center of the work and is unable to apply learnings immediately. This makes it much more challenging to retain specific details about the task which means that the employee is likely to invent their own way of completing the task once on-the-job. As an alternative, many companies seek to place new hires with their best workers in hopes that the new employee picks up the habits of the more senior employee.

While these approaches may have worked in the past, many of us are now building new 5G networks and learning the technology as we go. Our most experienced employees no longer hold a distinct advantage as new technology becomes the norm.

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The only way to maintain quality and increase efficiency is through accessible standardization. Many organizations would quickly agree that they maintain internal standards and those handed down by their customers. However, few employees have access to these standards while in the field.

Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me, and I learn.  – Benjamin Franklin

Accessible Quality Management Software Is the Answer

Active Oversight is quality management software that provides on-site training, consistent access to standards, and guided project completion.

With Active Oversight, your standards become the basis for every project. Your resources, both new and experienced, quickly learn through milestone project completion and habit-based training. As each task in the project is completed, your field worker is prompted to complete necessary inspections and upload images.

When a  worker is trained in the building environment, he or she encounters challenges, obstacles, and conditions that cannot be replicated in a classroom. With Active Oversight your employees are learning in the field – getting them on the job sooner and increasing knowledge retention.

In addition to improving training for your employees, on-site training allows your management teams to effectively measure training programs and optimize each for efficiency based on real-world scenarios.

The experts at Active Oversight walk through your processes to create meaningful templates for your projects. These templates, when combined with Active Oversight's field access, will improve quality and drive consistent training throughout your organization.

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