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Jan 21, 2019 | IN Process Verification | BY AO Support Team
Is Your Construction Software Helping or Hurting Company Growth?

How full is your toolbox?

If it is overflowing with screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools you rarely use, every job is slowed-down because it takes you longer to access what you need to do the work.

If it is nearly empty, you have to keep stopping to run to the truck or the shop for the right tool.

Experienced workers guard their toolboxes. They have just the right mix of tools to handle almost any job, and they know exactly where everything is so they can get to it quickly. They don’t waste time or energy carrying too many extras or hold onto things they never use.

Every tool in the box adds value and makes it easier to do every job.

Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and build the most extraordinary things. – Neil Gershenfeld (Click to Tweet)

The same should apply to digital tools.

Each must make every job easier; which is why so many teams are hesitant to try new tools. Their toolboxes are already full of things that drain efficiency instead of increasing it.


It is time to clean-out your toolbox and ensure that you are only carrying what you need.

Ready to Clean-Out Your Digital Toolbox?

Are you trying to decide what to ditch and what to keep? Ask yourself these three questions.

1. Does your construction software focus time and attention on technology or work?

Too often construction software drives attention away from the job. Users spend more time wrestling with the technology (searching for photos, uploading screenshots, filtering through emails) than actually adding value to the job.

Tools that focus on the job work for the user, instead of making the user work for the tool.

Men have become the tools of their tools. – Henry David Thoreau (Click to Tweet)

Active Oversight defines each project and presents it to the field engineer in a way that guides him or her through the job in real time.

Capture verification is part of the natural flow of work, and real-time verification ensures that approvals are obtained in record time.

2. Is your construction software monopolizing your greatest assets?

Project management and construction software tools that require hours of data management monopolize the time of some of your most valuable assets, your construction and project managers.

Construction managers carry years of experience and thrive on leading their teams. Yet, too many spend hours each day chasing and uploading data and managing dates in a cumbersome project management solution.

Construction software - how is impacting company growth?

Active Oversight allows construction managers and project managers to focus on the work of creating great teams that build amazing, profitable projects. It gives these valuable resources the time and space to mentor and train new leaders within the organization.

3. Does your construction software increase or decrease risk?

That old hammer in your toolbox may have served you for many years. The handle perfectly fits your hand, and the weight is just right. But what happens when the head begins to loosen?

No matter how well it has worked in the past, the risk of keeping it around is too high.

The same is true with construction software.

Data capture must not increase the risk to personal safety. In fact, the right tool does just the opposite.

What if you need a photo of a repair completed on a wireless tower, but the tower technician forgot?

Is it worth the risk (not mention the capital) to send your tech back up the tower?

Innovative tools are working to make decisions like this a thing of the past by integrating with devices to enable hands-free data gathering.

Instead of remembering to snap a photo, your tower technician will wear commercial-grade VR-enabled glasses that do everything from walking through the project to capturing the right data at the right time.

First, we build the tools; then they build us. – Marshall McLuhan (Click to Tweet)

Now Keep it Clean

Take the time to evaluate the tools in your digital toolbox. Keep the ones that serve your business well and get rid of those that weigh you down.

Evaluate all new tools carefully to ensure that you are investing in a product that will scale with your company and your industry without becoming a burden.

Active Oversight is dedicated to enabling the growth of an industry that is continually improving in all aspects – efficiency, effectivity, and profitability. Ensure that the construction software tools you use are doing the same.


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