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Sep 26, 2018 | IN Business Transformation | BY Wayne Smith
Construction Process Verification vs. Outdated Tools

Are you an owner who is progressive about moving into the future of automation or not?

When was the last time you thought about doing your job differently?

For most in the construction industry, the answer is somewhere between “Just Now” and “Never.”

If the job is getting done, why try something new? Right?

Over the past century, this mindset has left the construction industry in catch-up mode and lagging behind in technology adoption by nearly 20 years. As far as construction process verification tools go, there have been little to no progress.

What would your life look like if you were satisfied with 20-year-old technology?

Gaming Wouldn’t Be The Same

When to update company technology Emerging technology changing businesses-1-972067-edited

Image Credit: The Register and techradar

No More Temptations to Text and Drive

 New innovative technology vs. old technology                                  Construction process verification - learn how its transforming the industry!

Image Credit: Retrospect and Apple Insider

Flat Screen TV Anyone?

Old tv screens                   New flat screen TV

Image Credit: Time Toast and Uggadgets

Dash Mounted GPS?

Dash mounted GPS              New GPS

Image Credit: Garmin and iMore

What about football games without HD?

Check out this technology transformationHigh definition television

Image Credit: CSU Rams and Giants

Notice how dated all of this looks compared to what you use today?

That cabinet that houses your email server and all the other “computer stuff” is just as bad…the only thing worse? A filing cabinet and project binders full of paper.

How Does This Happen?

If you work in construction, you focus on what you can see.

Did the job get done and did it get done right? For veterans, a quick look provides the answer.

But that mentality does not translate to improving the efficiency and effectivity of your business. In fact, it is what you can’t see that will save you the most money.

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Technology is not a necessary evil. It is your path to competitive proposals, more business, and a happier workforce.

Do not hold on to the solution you purchased 20 years ago just because it still “gets the job done” because that isn’t enough anymore. Your tools (including technology) need to work just as hard as you do and they need to be actively saving you time, resources, and money.

Are You Watching Your Business in Low-Definition?

Outdated tools cannot show you what your business is missing any more than this old cable box can tell you what time the game starts.

Working with old tools         Digital cable

Image Credit: CCC

Instead, look for other indicators.

Are you winning fewer jobs than you used to?  Is it taking too long to receive payments?

Is it harder to retain new field workers? Is performance beginning to slip?

The truth of the matter is that hiring someone new is not going to solve the problem. A new hire, no matter how talented, cannot keep up with the pace of technology…but your business can.


Start Small  - Win Big

You did not leap from that push button cable box straight to on-screen TV schedules with hundreds of channels.

The progress was slow, and because of that, you learned along the way and found value at each change. You recognized that if you did not adopt new technology, you were limiting yourself.

Apply the same approach to your business. Start with a small intentional change – one that has the potential to make your business better and more efficient.

Understand the tool and what it offers your business and the way it operates.

New technology does not have to a black hole that separates you from your business. Instead, it can be like your on-screen cable menu…showing you more than you have ever seen before and giving you the information you need to make great decisions.

Construction Process Verification Is Here to Help

We understand the construction industry and its unique challenges.

We also understand how so many of those challenges can be eliminated with the right tools and training.

By automating some of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive administrative aspects of running your business, construction process verification allows you to:

  • Define project standards and job requirements
  • Manage real-time project execution
  • Verify that work was completed and automate closeout package creation

Construction project verification in action!

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that your implementation of Active Oversight meets the specific needs of your business. We will also work with you to ensure that your entire team is trained and ready to be more efficient than ever.

Contact Active Oversight to learn more about how we're helping companies like yours increase profits and employee efficiencies today. 

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