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Jul 15, 2019 | IN Case Studies | BY AO Support Team
Case Study: Multiple Assign Feature

Active Oversight (AO) is continually working to integrate the feedback of our users and drive significant improvements that increase the value of AO in the field.

Recently, our development team spent time with workers at towers sites to learn what was (and wasn't) working. These findings led to a significant improvement that immediately increased adoption.

The Overview

When we interviewed users to understand their workflow better, the challenges became obvious. Users couldn’t make AO work with their old workflow, so they weren’t using it as intended. We found that this was increasing frustration in the field and leading to low adoption rates.

Instead of using AO to streamline project completion, the teams were treating AO as an added step in the process. Workflows had not changed. 

Crew members were taking photos on a point and shoot camera and handing off the camera to their Crew Chief. The Crew Chief would then go back to their hotel and upload documentation into folders within a central file system. The Project Manager would then put them into the associated tasks within Active Oversight. This posed a huge problem. The primary benefits of Active Oversight are realized through real-time data uploads and eliminating redundant work. 

We also found that some teams were using AO in the field but that it was not improving efficiency. Since only one resource could be assigned to a task, the Crew Chief still had to manage every photo. In the field, the Crew Chief either handed off his device to avoid sharing login credentials or was the only person on the site that could take and upload photos to AO or view the next project task.

Active Oversight's single-resource task assignments were simply not viable in a real-world scenario. Instead, projects demand the flexibility of multiple people working together to complete their tasks. We found that field users worked on teams, with Foremen and Crew Chief both assigning tasks in tandem.

Design the Solution

After gathering data from field observations, interviews, and an amazing, client- and user-centered workshop, we arrived at an improvement that would provide the most value to our users.

Our top priority for this feature was to allow multiple users to work on the same task at the same time. This enables Project Managers to observe work status in real time and helps our field users complete work using their familiar workflow.  

The Results

Just one month after releasing this new feature, there were more than 1,200 tasks with multiple users assigned. We also heard from several of our Project Managers that the new feature has made AO easier to use and increased adoption in the field.  

Our users are the heart of Active Oversight, and we are always working to improve your experience. Active Oversight was dreamt up by wireless workers just like you. We are dedicated to supporting the industry we love by making it easier to build the networks that connect our world.


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