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Mar 27, 2019 | IN Process Verification | BY AO Support Team
Case Study: AO Solves Three Major Challenges for Verizon Team

Active Oversight (AO) is a cloud-based quality management application that drives a fundamental shift in how projects are managed and measured. It sets a higher standard in construction performance and drives quality and efficiency improvements. Active Oversight helps eliminate rework and minimize data entry while engaging next-in-line vendors immediately and automating construction close-outs.

Meet the Verizon Team

Verizon Service Improvements is a small team within a massive organization. With just two members, a construction engineer and an equipment engineer, this crew handles equipment and battery maintenance, generator replacement, HVAC maintenance, and DC power upgrades while relying on a pool of at least ten vendors.

Challenge #1: Close-Out Packages

With such a small team, getting documentation completed and submitted on time presented a huge challenge.

Not only was the team required to send some data within 24 hours of completing the job, project completion was based on submittal of a close-out package, which contains information from all vendors on the project.

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While the project cycles were very small, typically less than one week, the close-out package would often take two to three times that long to complete. The Verizon Service Improvement team would spend weeks hunting down verification and documentation from their pool of vendors.

To further complicate the process, data came in all shapes and sizes, including CDs, flash drives, and email.

Challenge #2: Ensuring Work is Completed in the Maintenance Window

With no method of real-time verification, the Verizon Service Improvement team had no way of knowing when their vendors were onsite or if they were complying with the mandated service window.

If a vendor arrived on-site late, there was a chance that completing the project could interrupt operations by limiting access to the network.

Challenge #3: Communicating Client Standards

Without a process in place for communicating standards, the Verizon Service Improvement team vendors were solely responsible for accessing and reviewing the standards they need to complete a project.

As a result, vendors were often unaware of changes to project standards, which resulted in rework and delays.

Active Oversight is the Solution

Since implementing Active Oversight, the Verizon Service Improvement team has dramatically reduced close-out package preparation time. Vendors are uploading just the data needed to complete the close-out and doing it in real-time. The construction engineer receives a push notification when the data is ready for review. The data is reviewed, approved, and added to the close-out package without delay.

“It’s a game changer, and here’s why. Active Oversight streamlines the work with process automation. All the work is standardized. I’m getting consistent reporting along with real time data that’s uniformly structured and easy to access.” –  Steve E. | Implementation Manager, Verizon

To ensure all vendors are operating within the service window, the team at Active Oversight worked with the Verizon Service Improvement team to add a verification step to their process. Now, when a vendor arrives on-site, he or she simply snaps a photo of the door. A push notification is sent to the construction engineer. Now, there is no guessing about whether or not a team is on-site.

All reference documentation needed for each project is included in the project workflow. Time to change a battery? The project workflow includes direct links to applicable standards. From the start of the project through the very end and every step in-between, Active Oversight is providing each team with the data they need, when they need it.

“Even on our most basic project, Active Oversight saves us about 2 hours of work at each location. I wish you would have developed this 10 years ago!” – Bob B. | Sr. Project Manager, Verizon

The Verizon Service Improvement team is thrilled with the improvements they have seen in efficiency and quality since partnering with Active Oversight. Communication and close-outs have never been easier, more efficient, or more effective.

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