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Apr 8, 2019 | IN Process Verification | BY Dave Martelon
6 Ways Active Oversight Supports Field Workers

Active Oversight supports quality and efficiency improvements throughout an organization by starting in the field.

Field workers who utilize Active Oversight spend more time working on the project and less time answering status requests and searching for data.

The combination of hard work and smart work is efficient work. – Robert Half

Increased Standardization and Accountability

  • Active Oversight provides clarity around the work to be performed.

Projects often start with a vague idea of the requirements and are based on the premise that each field worker should know what to do.

What happens when there is a change in requirements or a new hire? Clearly defining project instructions and standards and making them accessible while in the field eliminates guesswork and creates consistency across the organization.

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Active Oversight allows you to access work instructions and customer-specific standard operating procedures as written documentation, animations, or videos while in the field.

Always deliver more than expected. – Larry Page

Promotes Real-Time Collaboration and Enhances Project Visibility

  • Verifications in real time.

Imagine finishing a project and immediately receiving feedback. Active Oversight allows you to perform job verification that is Just-in-Time. Instead of capturing photos to upload hours or even days later, you can capture, upload, and notify all at the same time.

  • Approvers provide immediate feedback

Push notifications ensure quick/real time reviews of project verification data. Since the reviewer receives immediate notification of the upload, you know if your work is approved before you leave the site. No more going back to a site long after you thought the work was complete.

Focus on being productive instead of being busy.- Tim Ferriss

More Efficient Project Approvals

  • No more answering the ‘Date’ question.

How much time could you save if you did not have to go back through your work papers, calendar, or even memory to produce a date for your project manager? Active Oversight uses metadata from your uploads to automatically answer the “when was this done?” question.

  • Active Oversight is your one-stop shop.

All date and time stamping is automatically applied to every verification capture so you do not have to use a secondary program to apply this information.

Reduce Safety Risk

  • Keep your eyes and hands on the job.

Simplicity of use allows you to capture field data, test results, and observational notes with ease, allowing you to focus on the work at hand.

Active Oversight gives field workers a single tool for understanding project requirements, communicating project status, sending project verification data, and receiving approval.

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